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Today's Hottest Garage Door Materials And Styles

The garage door is so much more than a mere afterthought. When chosen and installed with care, it can transform the feel of your house and skyrocket its curb appeal, also sending property values upward. And now that you have so many choices, from ultra-modern steel styles to traditional wood doors, it's easy to find the perfect fit for your property. To help you get your search started in the right direction, here are some of today's most popular garage door styles and materials:


It may look heavy, but steel is a surprisingly lightweight material, although that doesn't mean it's weak. Built to withstand wear and tear well, a quality steel garage door should last you for many years with only minor repairs. You can have it painted, or insulated with wood, for a classic look, but if you want a contemporary feel, get that coveted industrial style with uninsulated, polished steel. 


The upsides to wood as a garage door material are obvious. It's upscale, classic and versatile, but there are some drawbacks, too. Wood can be especially vulnerable to pests, so if you live near a wooded area, it may not be the best choice. If you're still set on wood as your garage door material but want a more durable finish, get a composite door made out of a wood frame covered with fiberboard.

As far as style, the possibilities with wood are endless, which makes it popular with homeowners who have an eye for interior design. These days, period revival doors modeled after rustic farmhouses, carriage homes and the mansions of the Roaring Twenties are flying off the shelves, but if you prefer something a bit more modern, minimalist horizontal paneling might fit the bill. 


Their affordable price tag and resistance to dents and cracks make vinyl doors a hit with families. Not easily affected by salt and sand, vinyl is also a great material for beachfront homes. For a sophisticated take on this old favorite, have the vinyl surface covered with chic carriage doors, artisan wood overlays or coastal Cape Cod-inspired panels.  

When planning your new garage door, keep in mind that a quality installation is just as important as the type of style and material you choose. For finished doors that will look great and give you many years of flawless service, hire installation experts who specialize in garage doors, and not just general contractors with a broad background in home improvement.  For more information, contact a local company like Terry Overhead Door