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A Few Tips For Hiring The Best Garage Door Contractor

When your garage door needs to be repaired, it is always best to hire a garage door repair contractor to do the work. However, this leaves you with the problem of finding the right company to do the work. You want to be sure the job is done safely, professionally, and at the best price. To ensure you get all three, here are a few tips.


When it comes to having repair work done, many people look for advertised sales or special prices. However, these specials are often created to draw people to their website. When only one company is offering a special it is assumed to be the best price. This is not always the case and you should always contact a few other companies and have them come to your house to look at the door so they can accurately give a quote. If a company tries to give you a quote over the phone without ever seeing the door, it is not a good sign. In addition, be sure to get the quote in writing and make sure you read it entirely. You need to know what will be done and when/if there will be any changes to what you are charged.

Professional Memberships and Accreditation

There are two things you should look for when vetting a garage door company. The first is the symbol of the International Door Association (IDA). This is an association that has a code of conduct for fair, honest, and professional business practices within the garage door industry. In addition, you want to be sure that the technicians have been certified by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). This ensures that the person working on your garage door has been trained and tested on the installation and repair of garage doors.


While you may not know anyone who has had their garage door worked on in the recent past, there are ways to get recommendations for a specific company. You can ask the company for a couple of people they have done work for in the past, but that might only yield satisfied customers. One good way to find out about a company is by checking with the Better Business Bureau in your local area. You can also search online for any comments or posts about the company.

The more you can find out about the different companies you are considering the better your chances of hiring the one that will give you the best price for the best work. Unless your vehicle is stuck in the garage and you have to get it out today, take your time and the experience is more likely to be positive. For more information, contact companies like Affordable Garage Door Repairs.