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Tips For Using Garage Doors In A Commercial Space

Garage doors have plenty of applications as a design feature in commercial space. Storefronts can appeal to new customers by making their stores unique, and one way is to include glass garage doors instead of windows. For restaurants, garage doors can add nuance to the interior, while also allowing tenants to roll up the door on a sunny day. But incorporating garage doors into a commercial space effectively can be challenging, so here are some tips on how to make it work.

Try Vinyl or Sectional Glass

The first thing that will affect the outcome of your project is the type of door you choose. For commercial tenants, sectional glass is a great choice. It allows the door to double as a window and a design feature, bringing light into the building and also making it easy to feature certain items. Another choice is vinyl if you would rather have a sturdier construction and a more private space that you can lock up at night.

Think of the Door As a Design Piece

Garage doors certainly take up some space and add texture to the building. They will become a visible part of the wall and ceiling construction within their area of the room. While this type of layering works great in a lot of spaces, take care not to overpower an area with too many items that confuse the eye.

Consider Security

Garage doors can be every bit as secure as doors, given the right technology. Consider equipping the door with a security alarm or an electronic lock so that you know if it has been opened and you can act quickly.

Consider Insulation

Some garage doors present a challenge for keeping your heating and cooling bills down. If you choose a more decorative garage door, you could end up spending a lot of extra money due to escaped air. Insulated garage doors are an important consideration. Vinyl or steel doors can have an insulated core that makes the door lighter and more weatherproof. For glass doors, having the thick-construction glass panels sealed and insulated in their frame will help reduce heat loss.

Consider Safety

Finally, garage doors are a heavy item with many moving parts. So, if you are taking on their liability in your commercial space, always make sure that you have a professional garage door installation team, like Edison Overhead Door, help you choose the correct parts and install them.