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Common Movement Problems For A Garage Door

Movement from a garage door might seem as though it is simple and easy, but there are actually several parts working together to make it possible. When something goes wrong with the movement, one or more parts might require the attention of a technician. In some cases, you might have to spend money on replacement parts or possibly get a new door installed. If you have noticed your garage door malfunctioning when it comes to how it moves, prompt repairs can prevent the problem from possibly getting worse. After reading through the information in this article, you will have general knowledge of the common problems that can affect the movement of a garage door.

Dirty Door Sensors

When garage door sensors are unable to properly function, movement can stop altogether. However, when movement stops due to the sensors not working, it is usually an easy problem to resolve. Many times the problem stems from the sensors being covered in dirt. You can actually get rid of the dirt on your own by wiping the sensors with a damp cloth and using a household detergent.

Problematic Rollers

Rollers play a major role in the ability of a garage door to move. Depending on the condition of the rollers, they can cause the door to completely stop moving, or just to move up and down a little slower. If the door doesn't move at all, find out if the rollers are jammed or need to be oiled up by a technician. It is also possible that the metal rollers are bent and new ones are needed.

A Damaged Motor

The motor is the part of a garage door that must be functional in order for any movement to take place. Sometimes a motor can stop working due to it being a safety issue at hand, such as if something is sensed beneath the door and it receives a signal to shutdown. Resetting the sensors and ensuring that nothing is beneath the door should resolve the problem. A repair might be needed if the motor is damaged or has an electrical problem.

Crooked Tracks

Tracks are very important in regards to a garage door being able to move. The reason why is because the door must have something in place to help it move up and down in a smooth manner. The tracks basically helps the door remain straight while it is moving. Crooked tracks must be aligned because it can become difficult for the door to move.