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Signs Of A Bad Garage Door Cable And Why It Should Be Repaired Quickly

The springs and cables on garage doors work together to raise and lower the doors. These parts are vital to the safe operation of your door and if any are damaged, you should have repairs done by a professional right away. It's a good idea to monitor the cables on your garage door so you can have them replaced before they actually break. Here are some signs of bad garage door cables and why you want to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Signs That It's Time For New Cables

The parts of your garage door wear out over time. The more you use your door every day, the quicker parts like the springs and cables will wear down. Cables can get old and weak, so some signs to watch for include fraying, separated areas, and rusty spots. These problems can develop with age, but it's also a good idea to check the area around the cables just to make sure the damage isn't being caused by rubbing against a protrusion.

Your door may operate fine even though you see a few frays and rusty spots, but those are indications that the cable is going to fail eventually. Rust spots make the cable weak and more prone to breaking when under heavy pressure. Therefore, when you notice signs of deterioration in a cable, have a service call to get it replaced before it breaks.

Why Bad Garage Door Cables Are Dangerous

The cable is what holds the heavy door in place. When a cable breaks, the door can jolt and move out of the track and cause further damage to your garage door. A broken cable can also prevent your door from opening which would be a major inconvenience. There is also the potential of injury if a cable snaps when you're near the door. When you notice a cable looks in bad shape, you should call for repairs as soon as you can, and if the cable is broken, avoid using the door until repairs can be made.

DIY repairs on garage door springs and cables are dangerous, so these repairs should be done by professionals. While you might repair parts like the track and safety sensors, anything that involves the spring and cable system is more dangerous since the door is so heavy and the springs hold a great deal of tension. One important task you can do as a homeowner is to inspect your garage door and cables regularly so you can catch problems early and have repairs done at your convenience before the door stops functioning or hurts someone. Contact a garage door repair service for more help.