what is causing the sounds your garage door makes

Tips For A More Quiet Garage Door

Some garage doors can be quite noisy, which can be disruptive for you and your family. Even though pretty much all garage doors have some type of noise to go along with them, it is possible to enjoy a quieter experience when using your overhead door. These tips can help.

Look for a Garage Door Opener That's Designed to Be Quiet

Some garage door openers are actually designed to operate more quietly than others. When you're shopping for a garage door opener, you might already have a few features that you're looking for. In addition to whatever else you might have in mind, you may want to look for a garage door that is supposed to operate quietly. There might be a noticeable difference in the noise levels if you do.

Have Regular Repairs Done

A garage door that isn't well taken care of and that has problems can be noisier than one that is properly maintained. Don't put off having regular repairs done. This has other benefits other than just keeping your garage door operating more quietly, too; it will also help you prevent bigger problems with your garage door and help you ensure that your garage door can be used safely.

Add a Little Lubricant Occasionally

Even if you have regular repairs and maintenance done to your garage door by a garage door repair professional, you might need to do a few things yourself every now and then. For example, keeping a can or bottle of lubricant that can be used on your garage door's moving parts on hand is a good idea. Then, you can add a little lubricant to help allow the moving parts to move like they're supposed to. Along with helping your garage door open and close as it should, this will also help with getting rid of noises when your garage door is opening and closing.

Check the Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

Depending on how your garage door is made, there might be nuts, bolts, or screws that can come loose. If this happens, this can add rattling noises and other annoying sounds and can lead to problems with the operation of your garage door. Check the nuts, bolts, or screws regularly, and tighten them if they need it to quiet your garage door down and keep it working the right way.

Your garage door doesn't have to be loud. Those who follow these tips may be able to use their garage door without dealing with nearly as much noise.