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Troubleshooting Three Common Garage Door Issues

Your garage door is a complicated system, with many different moving parts. This means that there are a range of different things that can eventually go wrong, because your garage door is used consistently. Being conscious of some of the most common issues that can hamper the performance of your garage door, and what can be done to fix them, can help you maintain the long-term condition of your garage door. 

Photo Eye Issues

One of the most common issues—and thankfully one of the easiest issues to fix—that can affect the performance of your garage door is any sort of misalignment or issue with your photo eye. The photo eye is a safety feature that is made up of two infrared sensors that create a beam of light between them right next to where your garage door closes. If something obstructs the beam of light, the door will not close or will stop moving. You should make sure that your photo eyes are aligned, obstacles are removed, and any dirt or grime that is covering the face of each sensor is cleaned away to ensure that each sensor is able to properly see the other. 

Damaged Springs

The springs attached to your garage provide pressure that allows your garage door opener to lift the door up. If the spring becomes damaged or broken, it will not be able to take the burden of your door's weight, and you will likely see the garage door open slightly before closing suddenly. If this is the case, you should avoid using your garage door at all, and avoid doing any repairs on the system yourself, as the high amount of pressure that your springs are placed under means that you are at high risk of serious injury when working on them. A contractor will have the tools and experience to safely replace damaged or broken springs. 

Sagging or Unevenness 

Finally, one last thing that can affect your garage door eventually due to age and use is sagging sections, which create an uneven seal when the garage door is completely closed. This can allow pests and the weather to enter your garage, where they can do damage to your vehicle and possessions. Usually, this points either to an issue with a track that is causing one side of the garage door to not sit properly or a chain or garage door opener that is doing the same. A garage door contractor will be able to inspect your system and determine if component repair or complete door replacement is the best next step for you to take. 

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