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Why Do Your Rollers Keep Failing?

Like most components of your garage door, you probably don't spend much time thinking about rollers until they fail. Problematic rollers can create many issues, from loud noises to jerky, uneven door operation. Replacing rollers isn't an incredibly challenging job, but it can be frustrating when your rollers fail repeatedly and seemingly without cause.

If you feel that you're repairing your rollers too frequently, then it may be a symptom of another problem with your garage door. This article will outline three reasons that rollers typically meet an untimely fate.

1. Cheap Material Choices

Everyone likes to save money, but "you get what you pay for" is certainly true when it comes to the rollers on your door. You can usually find rollers in three materials: plastic, steel, and nylon. Plastic rollers will save you the most money upfront, but they may cost you more in repairs down the line. This material may only last a couple of years, depending on other maintenance factors.

Nylon and steel rollers should last much longer, so there may be something else at play if these fail repeatedly. Rollers with ball bearings will also typically outlive those without integrated ball bearings.

2. Poor Maintenance

Inadequate maintenance is another reason you might need to repair your garage door rollers repeatedly. When it comes to rollers, three maintenance issues can impact their lifespan: bearing lubrication, track lubrication, and track condition. You should lubricate your garage door tracks and rollers (if they contain bearings) at least 3–4 times per year to ensure proper operation.

Besides lubricating these parts, you can help avoid future repairs by conducting routine track cleanings and inspections. Look for any signs of damage to the metal, including protruding sections that the rollers can catch on. You should also clean your tracks in between lubrication since rough, dirty surfaces can cause your rollers to wear out more quickly.

3. Misaligned or Off-Balance Doors

Anything that causes the rollers to drag or scrape in the tracks can also reduce their lifespan. In general, loud noises or noticeable rough operation is a good indication that your rollers are wearing out too quickly. Misalignments may be due to anything from improper track positioning to issues with the door springs.

If you notice that your doors bind or don't seem to sit evenly, then fixing the issue as soon as possible will help you avoid causing further damage to components such as your rollers. Unless you have experience fixing these problems, always rely on expert help when working around your garage door's springs or motor.

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