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Repairs A Residential Garage Door May Eventually Need

There are many components of your home's garage door system that could suffer some significant malfunctions during the time that you own it. When these doors suffer problems, they could create significant disruptions for you and your family as the door may not be suitable for use.

Fraying Or Broken Support Cables

To raise and lower the garage door, the system may utilize a series of cables. Over time, these cables can become worn to the point where they may start to fray. This is a significant problem as this can increase the risks of the cables suddenly breaking. If this were to occur, the garage door could slam to the ground in an uncontrolled manner. Replacing these cables will be needed to avoid this problem or to restore the door's functionality. Luckily, this can be a relatively inexpensive repair if you have it done before the door slams to the ground and suffers frame damage due to a support cable snapping.

Warped Rollers

The rollers are the wheels that allow the garage door to slide along the railing. Any warping or other problems with these rollers can lead to some severe performance problems for the door. Some of these can include the door being far less responsive to opening and closing, intense vibrations when the door is moving, or even the door becoming completely jammed. Replacing the rollers is not a complex repair, but it can require special tools to be able to effectively remove the damaged roller so the new one can be installed. This problem can be particularly common for those that have garage doors that are equipped with rubber rollers and that have a garage that can become extremely hot during the summer months.

Rail Damage

The railing may not be a moving component of the garage door, but it will be among the most important components. Typically warping and corrosion are the two problems that are the most likely to impact the garage door railing. Corrosion is a subtle problem that you may not notice until the corroded area has grown to be fairly large. Unfortunately, this corrosion can increase the risks of other problems occurring with the railing due to the presence of a weak spot. An example of this type of problem could be the corroded section of the railing buckling when it has to support the weight of the garage door. In cases where the railing has sections that are severely rusted, it may be necessary to replace this part of the railing to avoid more significant issues in the future.

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