what is causing the sounds your garage door makes

Signs That Your Torsion Springs Are Broken

A garage door is an essential part of every home because it allows you to gain entry to your home. Besides this, it provides security for your loved ones and property. Your garage door has different parts that include torsion springs to facilitate proper functioning. These components work to lower and raise the door. Unfortunately, due to constant use, torsion springs may suffer damage and wear and tear. Here are signs that your torsion springs are broken.

The Door Opens Halfway 

If your garage door opens halfway, your torsion springs could have malfunctioned. Usually, a working spring allows the door to open to the maximum. A garage door that isn't fully opening cannot allow you to gain entry. In addition to this, it can be dangerous to operate a door like that. It can shut at any moment and injure your family or pets. At this point, you need a technician to check the springs and replace them.

Deafening Sounds

Loud noises when operating your garage could indicate damaged torsion springs. For example, if you hear a loud bang, the springs need timely repairs. These sounds can be annoying and recurring when the underlying issue is not dealt with. Additionally, the springs could get ruined for good, leading to the garage door breaking down.

The Door Falls Fast

A garage door that falls fast is potentially harmful. What's more, it can damage the entire door, prompting you to replace it in its entirety. This problem points to broken springs that are completely worn. When torsion springs no longer work, they can't support the door's full weight. As a result, the door may slam shut without warning.

Loose Cables

When your door opens with difficulty, you might mistake it for having broken cables. In reality, broken torsion springs could be a more likely culprit. Once the spring breaks, cables come out of place immediately. In addition, you might notice that the door has become crooked or imbalanced. Loose cables and broken springs need a replacement for proper functioning.

An Overly Heavy Door

When the components are in prime condition, your door will be flexible and seamless to operate. However, snapped springs can make your garage heavy. It could be a challenge to open your door, especially if springs are in a bad state. The garage might have lost the support it needs to function due to ruined torsion springs. Fortunately, a technician can inspect these parts and recommend a solution.

The above are indicators that your torsion springs could be damaged. When you spot any of these red flags, hire a garage door repair professional to fix the issues.